Curricular Drama and choir

When selecting your courses, please consider taking a drama or choir class at TJ! If you have any questions about scheduling or fitting a class into your 4-year plan, feel free to contact us.

Common Features of All 3 Classes

  • Low stress classes
  • No experience required
  • Welcoming family
  • Either semester or full year class
  • Helpful for participation in extracurricular choir/drama (such as plays and musicals)

Drama: Acting

  • acting, improvising, reading, and writing theater pieces
  • blocking and character development

Drama: Tech

  • lighting, costumes, sound, scenery, makeup, props, and stage management
  • understand design and production process
  • work on tech for play and musical productions


  • work on a variety of different types of vocal pieces
  • opportunity to audition for district and state choir
  • no experience or audition required to be in class