Hi Fellow Artists,

Below is all the information that you need for spring musical auditions starting on December 5th. 

  1. Singing Audition: Come prepared with 30-45 seconds of a song of your choice. You should be selecting a song that showcases your talent and is relatively close to the style of Spamalot. For example, it probably would not be the best choice to walk in and sing from Phantom of the Opera (disclaimer: I do not like Phantom of the Opera).

  2. Acting Audition: Just like the fall play, there will be sides for you to choose from. I will post these as soon as I get the actual script, but coming in cold is fine as well. If you need a scene partner to read with, any available actor at auditions may due so. Spamalot is a big, comedic and ridiculous show, so the more energy you give me, the better.

  3. Dance Audition: Use this link to learn a short choreography segment. Even if you are not a dancer, still come prepared. 

Auditions will follow this schedule: 

4:30 - Acting Auditions

5:45 - Singing Auditions

7:00 - Dance Auditions

You should expect to stay for the entire duration of auditions which will end between 7:30-7:45. Call backs will be posted Thursday evening and will resume Friday afternoon. If you are called back, you will be called back for specific roles and be asked to act/sing specific scenes/songs. It would behoove you to familiarize yourself with the music and characters. Like I said before, casting will be non-traditional so do not be shocked if you get called back / cast for something you weren't expecting. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break and I cannot wait to begin production on this show!

-Mr. Reid

Please fill out the following audition form and conflict calendar and bring it with you to the audition:

Audition Form

Conflict Calendar

musical auditions.PNG